About Us

Molten Rituals is a small family business located in Scotland, we are the creators of Molten Rituals Home Fragrance Collection. We work very hard to create the best fragrances elegantly presented in our stylish packaging.

The idea for Molten Rituals was born out of our love of candles and our enthusiasm for reconnecting with the scents around us. After years of trying candles and being disappointed by their poor quality, we decided to make our own. We began with a series of successful tests before launching our first range of candles in August 2021. 

We make wax melts, candles and room sprays at our small studio. We also love supporting other small businesses and stock high quality bath&body products. 

Our goal is to get you in an ambiance that we call Molten Moment. We want to pamper your home with beautiful aromas.

Molten Rituals brand is inspired by the look and feel of the Mediterranean. Our unique approach to design will help you create a cozy, warm feeling in your home.

Our brand promise is "Relax". We believe life is too short to stress over everything! Take some time to relax! Get your Molten Moment! Join us on our journey and together we will bring beauty and cosiness into your life! Welcome to our little world!

We are looking forward to bringing you more new, innovative products in the future with a commitment to quality, service and value that you can rely on.

Premium Quality

We make all our products with quality ingredients only. Paraben and phthalate-free.  Our wax melts and candles are made with high concentration of fragrance oils and we use a lead free cotton wicks or crackling wooden wicks.